What Equipment Do We Usually Use For Printing?


Some clients may wonder what equipment we are using as a result we make customization products so alive and effective.
Our sales representatives Yolanda and April will uncover our advanced printing equipment.

Double Sided Printing Machine

The first piece of equipment is a double-sided printing machine. This machine we use is an imported Japanese Epson 4720 nozzle. Its printing accuracy is 1440DPI, There are 4 nozzles in a row on one side, and 8 nozzles on both sides to print on both sides so that the picture can achieve no color difference on both sides. Different patterns can be printed on both sides. This machine can achieve a printing speed of 60 square meters per hour, so we have serious production for each of your orders, including color matching before printing. Many customers don’t understand why they need to color, because different colors are displayed differently on different fabrics, so in order to minimize the color difference, we will color multiple times. This machine has a very wide range of printing. Usually, we can use this machine to print custom flags, 110g polyester flags, etc.

Wide Format Printer

The wide format printer is so-called because the width of this machine can reach 3.2 meters, which is about 10 feet. The nozzle of this machine is also made of Epson 4720 from Japan. The printing accuracy is 1440dpi, and there are 4 nozzles on the side by side which solve the problem of large-format printing. Such as backdrop, tension fabric display, and big cloth. The printing speed of this machine is another 60 square meters per hour. This machine saves us a lot of time for printing large products and ensures the beauty and practicability of the product screen.

Dye Sublimation Color Developing Machine

The dye sublimation color developing machine, As the name suggests, is a color developing equipment, which can solve the problems of poor coloring ability, unclear and deformed patterns, the large color difference on both sides, pollution patterns, and equipment shortages of previous equipment for printing and dyeing patterns on fabrics. This machine contributes a lot to make the customer’s design look color-free and the color is more vivid, so this equipment is a must for us. This machine is characterized by good sealing, which completely eliminates the phenomenon of smoke leakage, and is equipped with a smoke purification box. The front and back tension system make the fabric maintain constant tension during the printing process, and has automatic tension induction type cloth placement. The heating method of the double-sided heating plate makes the heating area larger, more uniform, and faster. Using advanced surface thermal contact heating color rendering, the phenomenon of uneven color rendering in far infrared is avoided.
1604 Printer From Muto

One of our most commonly used machines is a 1604 printer from Muto, Japan. This machine can be said to be a machine that we cannot live without every day. Usually, we use it to print pennant flags, Graduation stoles, custom flags, strings flags, car flags, beach flags, etc. It’s really important for us. This machine also uses the Epson 5th generation nozzle. Printing accuracy 2880dpi. 12 square meters per hour printing speed.

Banner Machine

The machines introduced next are also our most commonly used machines. The printing width of the banner machine is 1.8 meters. The Banner machine expansion design: optional expansion function, continuous printing is stable and not easy to wrinkle; Dual-energy printing of flag machine: It can print fabrics such as flags, and it can also print dye-sublimation paper, with a uniquely designed pressing paper. Flag machine high-precision printing: Japanese original Epson 10th generation print head, longer life than the fifth-generation print head, printing speed increased by more than 20%; The flag machine can directly print a variety of materials such as double-permeable flag cloth (Chun Yafang), tribute satin, silver carving cloth (sanding cloth), mesh cloth, etc., and dye-sublimation ink printing, which does not fade outdoors. We also use Japanese Epson 4720 nozzles for this machine. Printing accuracy 1440dpi. 60 square meters per hour printing speed.

Thermal Transfer Equipment

This machine is mostly used to produce tents, four-sided stretch cloths, car mirror covers, car engine covers, fan scarves, etc. It is to print any pictures such as portraits and landscapes on plain paper or high-precision printing paper with thermal transfer ink, and then heat them to a certain temperature within a few minutes by thermal transfer corresponding thermal transfer equipment. A special process for transferring images to fabrics with realistic colors. Now many suppliers often refer to their screen printing as thermal transfer, so briefly introduce the difference between thermal transfer and screen printing. Screen printing is a kind of stencil printing. Its principle is similar to using stenciled paper to print exam papers (many schools used that kind of simple equipment in the past). The graphic area is hollowed out on the printing plate, and the ink will reach the substrate through the hollowed-out area. surface. Thermal transfer printing is a method of printing graphics and text on special thermal transfer paper (or other media), and then using high temperature and high pressure to “stick” the graphics and text on the surface of the substrate. The two principles are completely different. Sublimation transfer paper is 110g, Printing accuracy 1440dpi, 30 square meters per hour printing speed.

Heat Transfer Machine

Heat transfer machine, width 1.8 meters to transfer polyester fabric, this product is suitable for hot stamping tents, elastic cloth, satin clothing, curtains, sofa release, advertising supplies, etc. Batch production of pieces of cloth, etc., are transferred to the hot stamping items that you need. It can print continuously and at a high speed to meet the needs of customers for mass printing. Using the American “DuPont” blanket, the transfer effect is good and the service life is long.

Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine, The contour can be directly extracted, and the process can be modified locally or as a whole before processing and cutting, which can solve the special-shaped cutting of various materials. It can realize continuous feeding identification and cut, and the laser cutting edge is neat and free of burrs, High-definition cameras are suitable for precise contour cutting, and digital printing is no longer limited by patterns,Automatic feeder for continuous cutting, saving time and labor.

UV Digital Printer

UV digital printer, Ricoh G5-nozzle can be used to print curtains, cars, KT boards, transparent film, adhesive signs, metal glass, packaging gifts, etc. on any object. Using advanced ICC color management, can effectively control the color cast caused by the difference of ink or medium. The degree of reduction can reach 90%; all colors are printed at one time, and effects such as embossed bumps can be printed.

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